How To Avoid Plagiarism While Writing An Essay

Plagiarism is an unethical or deceitful activity in which a person steals someone else words or ideas for their own sake. We can also say that it is a practice of taking words or ideas of an author or researcher without proper acknowledgement.

Plagiarism can cause highly negative consequences or can be risky at ties. It results in the loss of author credibility. Sometimes it damages the reputation of a writer. Several folks are worried and seeking assistance on how to avoid plagiarism. Below points may help them.

 The UK essay writing services pay full attention to stop duplication. For overcoming and avoiding the plagiarism, the concerned authority makes great efforts, especially in the education sector. The core purpose of this organisation is to spread knowledge and wisdom through proper means.

In order to avoid unintentional plagiarism, let’s have a look at some practices that will be beneficial for you. After following these steps, you will come up with a unique piece every time.

1 – Perceive your context:

First try to understand your context, do make research on it and then write the concept in from your own style. In this practice, a student gets the mastery of two skills. This habit increases the capabilities of reading and grasping the information. And secondly, the composition will get more stronger. Moreover, it will also enhance the expressing ability because you are trying to share your thoughts in a much effective way. This is the first and essential method of how to avoid plagiarism.

2 – Quotes:

To avoid plagiarism, quotes are used to represent the text that has been written by someone else. This approach is also profitable for an author. One of the advantages of doing this is that a real writer gets credit for their thoughts. Another benefit is that the reader respects the copier due to showing honesty.

The quotation is also advantageous for the material extracted from another paper. There must have written the author’s name or the quote exactly the way it appears in the paper, you are copying from. Anyone can see that how you are avoiding the plagiarism while writing an essay.

3 – Things need to be cited:

If a person is using his or her own content as it has been used up before then, it should be mentioned. Using material that has already been published without citations, is known as self-citation.

There are some cases where you do not need to provide reference while writing an essay. For example, if a person is performing a confirmation test of any scientific work, then it wouldn’t need to be quoted. Similarly, primary knowledge or facts don’t need to be cited.

4 – Plagiarism checker:

If you are still not sure on how to avoid plagiarism, then duplication checker is necessary for you. It may be an online tool or desktop software. Most of the top UK essay writing services obtains help from this tool. It will be their part of quality facilitation.

Plagiarism checker is used to detecting the copied material from many (about millions) of the webpages. This validation highlights the similar content that is an exact match to the original author’s work. There are numerous tools like Turnitin or Smallseotools in the online world. You may use them to overcome this inconvenience.

5 – Reference page:

In order to prevent plagiarism, an essay writer should have to include a “reference page” at the end of the document. It is also famous as the “bibliography section” among learners of UK. A composer constructs a list of all the sources used while completing the project. Thus, in the reference page, a reader can quickly find out what have been cited.

6 – Avoid Reference material:

If anybody desires to avoid duplication, then it is preferred to write down the whole essay, thesis, assignment, or whatsoever in your own words. Make sure that you are doing it without the assistance of referenced material at all. If an undergraduate cannot memorise something beneficial or significant, then reread the reference site and research more. Then put the reference website aside and begin scripting the thoughts. This way, you will never be accused of duplication.


Plagiarism is something like cheating someone by stealing their ideas, words, feelings, knowledge which is unethical. You should never use someone else original results and pass them off as yours. By practising the above method, any learner will be able to avoid plagiarism.