Top 8 Creative Writing Assignment Ideas For Any Student

February 9, 2021

Fantastic art of constructing ideas by creating literary elements and conveying them on a constructing theme of life is creative writing. Students often spend more time on analysis then learning the art, which takes them apart from creativity. It is essential to allow students with the room and time required to be creative and turn their freedom of expression into an inspirational way towards their imagination.

Every scholar needs to exercise his/her way of creativity through a constructive process which the world can truly understand. Also, this gives learners a broad spectrum of the functional perspective of the art of writing.

Below is a list of top eight creative writing assignment ideas that is beneficial for every student who is in an urge to spark out a masterpiece made of heart and soul.

Fictional Screenplays

Fiction lets you express your thoughts freely. You don’t have to follow any rules and requirements or any issue to solve. An open-ended topic is an excellent start for your dream of creative writing. Hence, take the impossible out of your mind and splash it on paper without fear. The more a writer interested in fictional scenarios, he/she can produce more creative compositions.

Imaginative Sonnet Stories

Yes, you read it right. Sonnets can be a complete 14 liner story. Make a concept in your mind then write it down. Now let the poet come out from you and mould the idea into the perfect sonnet to be mingled. Once you will made it, you will definitely love your achievement.


Try crafting a brief biography of your life. You may start with the place you were born then let your writing flow with the ideas of your creativity of expression. Let your mind take control of memories and write as they pop up. Let it ramble. If you are unaware from the composition, you can check easy guides to write an autobiography.

Poem Of Your Heart

Have you ever created rhyming? Yes, for sure. Try to diffuse your soul’s poetry into words and sing it with your heart’s rhythm. You will create a poem of a lifetime to show it to the world. Consider all aspects of poem evaluation and get good support from UK essay help as well.

Something Out Of Your Journal

Have you ever noticed that your handy kept journal has an entire universe of happenings, imaginations, possibilities and wishes in it? It’s a treasure waiting to be explored for the right purpose. Please go through it and make the perfect piece of creativity out of it.

Evidence-Based Statements

Sometimes, challenging an evidence-based theory with your hypothesis is the best form of creative thinking. Try to dig out some conflicting theories and share your opinion by combining research and imagination. Don’t be a follower; be an explorer.

A Day Out Short Story

We all are living with many short stories every day. Either it is a day out on the beach or a memorable road trip. Make your most desirable fantasy day out or a real-life journey into an exceptional experience for your readers.

Pearls From The Past

Consider rewriting a historical event from your point of view. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is. Get all insides and outsides of the legend and pour your subconscious mind to make it an alternate event. Of course, with some new twists and turns.

In The Nut Shell

As you have landed till here, you have already known what you need to contribute towards your creative writing assignment. Our ideas are open to help you out every time. Don’t hesitate to practice them. Good luck!