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The dissertation is a mandatory exercise for the pursuit of some bachelor’s qualifications. A higher form of qualification, such as a master’s or a PhD, requires scholars to develop a thesis. UK students spend on average about 60% of their time in the pursuit of compiling a credible and plausible dissertation. The traditional classroom setting is a rare occurrence for scholars pursuing higher qualifications. Academics prescribe the various contingencies which need to be met in the project. They also provide guidance to steer the research in the correct direction following legitimate methods of investigation for completing the thesis.

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A dissertation needs to employ either quantitative or qualitative research methods depending on the subject of the exposition. In some cases, a combination of both will be used to illustrate the ideas and theories of the assigned topic. The quantitative study is mainly concerned with logic and physical evaluations of a theme. Qualitative investigations are more concerned with understanding interpretations and perspectives. Dissertations based on either form will rely on data differently. In both cases, the data for each dissertation will be collected using different techniques. The assigned topic will be able to determine which technique will be most ideal.

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