COVID-19 Challenges – How To Get Motivated To Do Assignments On Time

February 9, 2021

As a student, it is always hard to get self-motivated to do assignments on time; even in normal circumstances. However, from the last few months, we are not dealing with a normal situation. The unexpected shift towards remote online learning has changed the learning patterns worldwide. Habits are disrupted, and learning behaviours are making it difficult than face-to-face interaction.

According to a survey conducted by Pearson, more than 300 million student’s academics have been disturbed due to the current pandemic of Covid-19. The main reasons found were lack of campus environment, confusing virtual learning, and a high level of demotivation to do assignment and on time at home.

Thus, while going through a period of being emotionally drained and expecting to get productive outcome is not just challenging but almost unforeseeable. Below are five practical tips that could help you to maximise motivation to get assignments done on time when you are dealing with virtual schooling.

5 Ways To Overcome Lack Of Motivation

1- Get Your Home-Study Space Organised

If you are studying back at home instead of a hostel or institute, setting a dedicated study space plays a vital role in helping you do your assignments. Take time to adjust a home study space. You don’t need to be an interior designer for it, just keep things tidy up with sanitisation and get it organised with all your learning stuff handy with creativity.

2- Prioritise Assignments W.R.T Deadlines

The second step is to prioritise your assignments by the urgency of deadlines and complexity of research. No one can do all of the assigned work in a single day. Therefore, set minor goals and get the satisfaction of tackling them as you go through the process of getting them, done successfully. Also, if the workload overburdens you, then you can buy assignment UK to complete things on time.

3- Take Breaks & Reward Your Wins

After achieving the goals as mentioned above, don’t forget to reward yourself. Remember that it is essential to acknowledge your wins and celebrate small victories because they will motivate you towards the great thing in the end. Get yourself a baking break, a cup of your favourite coffee or a cosy movie night at home and enjoy!

4- Be Flexible & Trust Yourself

Covid-19 is an unpredictable crisis, and everyone is just scrambling to make it work. Many things won’t go as planned, and you did not expect to learn online for so long. But it’s alright. Be flexible and accept things as they are. Forgive yourself for not giving your best, move forward and take charge of your pending assignments, and you can overcome the setbacks. Trust yourself; you can still be productive.

5- Focus, Focus & Focus

Being honest here, this one is tough to achieve. As most of the students are addicted to phones, focusing is a milestone to achieve being at home studying. Now imagine the level of stress to bear when not using your phone from a few hours or not to be able to watch your favourite show on Netflix. However, at a certain point, you have to put it down to get prior things done.

One simple technique is to do 25-minute focus work, followed by a 5-minute break. This will not only keep your mind fresh but also help you to get motivated and get the assignment done on time with exceptional quality content.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this pandemic will over soon, and face-to-face academic interactions will start again by making these times a uniquely experienced memory. However, the good habits you will adapt, the strategies you will create to manage assignments and to learn independently will take you ripping fruits in future. Believe in yourself… All the best from UK Essay Writing Services!