11 Most Common Mistakes While Producing Academic Paper

February 9, 2021

Student of any region, level, and the subject were assigned to complete an academic assignment in their educational session. The connection between learner and the assignment is very old. It is difficult to assume that a pupil didn’t face to compose an academic paper ever in his life.

Similar to the relationship between student and essay, the mistake in a document is also apparent. Pupil made a lot of errors commonly even they can pass college and university. In fact, a master and PhD holder also commit such blunders while writing an academic paper. The issue is nothing but lack of attention towards it. Here is a precise list of such errors one should take care prior to submission.

Common Mistakes of Academic Paper

Below are some of the common mistakes you must be aware of it. Keep in mind that UK professional writers avoid each of them before finalising it. We are categorising all the possible mistakes in three sections:

  1. Problems are related to writing and scripting the paper. It is concerned with visual and presentational errors.
  2. Issues concern with the concept, perceptions, ideas, acknowledgement, thoughts presentation, and quoting other research may discuss in this segment.
  3. Some other mistakes that can be addressed after academic paper completion. They might be counted as an extra effort to furnishing the write-up.

Presentational Problems:


Due to the pressure of several submissions within a short deadline, one would ignore to correct the spelling mistakes. Each author who is serving at any academic writing services UK won’t commit it even having the workload.

Inappropriate Grammar & Punctuation

One of the necessary elements a learner should care is to ensure proper grammar and punctuation used. Grades always depend upon the correct language. Professors never tell their students but spare specific marks from the total number of an assignment.

Low/Excessive Word Count

It is hard to assume that a teacher granted homework but didn’t instruct about the limitation. An undergraduate cannot avail expert help without telling the number of words required to complete the task. The prices are calculated based on the total pages demanded by the mentor.

Poor Structure

Another issue seen in the academic essay of college pupil is a bad structure of presenting information. This is especially viewed in beginners. They are unknown about how to arrange knowledge.


Formatting plays a significant role in getting good marks. An excellent paper is the one that is being categorised in heading, sub-headings, and paragraphs correctly. The information must be in a regular flow.

Structural Problems:

Poor understanding of the subject

A full grip on the topic is necessary for scripting any academic paper. Several times, a pupil has the title to write a document but don’t know exactly what is being demanded by a professor. Or the subject is too vast while the mentor requires a specific area to discuss.

Introduction & conclusion

In a hurry, student forgets to add an introduction section at the beginning and a conclusion at the end. A powerful intro is mandatory to display the reader what they will be going to know in upcoming sections. Similarly, the ending part is also essential to exhibit the wished outcome.

Lack of evidence

Nowadays, people demand to aware of authentic news & information. If there is no evidence, the piece of knowledge is good for enhancing the vocabulary and quenching the reading habit. If any perception is mandatory but mentioned with no proof, your teacher will definitely deduct the marks from academic document.

Citation problem

References play a crucial role while presenting a critical issue. It should be backed up through some resources. The citation benefits any written material in two ways. A reader believes the author because the composer mentions the clue to trace the original concept. Another fruit is that if a person wants to increase the detail of a particular thought, he/she can follow the origin and read the actual points. Moreover, take care to display the number of sources instructed by your professor.

Miscellaneous Mistakes:


Duplication is the back-bone breaker element in an assignment. Copying is the normal process but keeping it same to the other academic paper is obligatory in UK universities. If in case, you have to duplicate some idea or quote accurately, make sure to show the origin also. Everyone loves a non-plagiarise write.

No Proofread

One of the mistakes committed by learners is that they won’t recheck the composed paper. I know that the frustration of completing and submitting the task is so much that an individual prefers to script the academic document quickest possible for him and submit immediately. However, UK expert academic writing services always recommend going through the write-up. Make sure to perform this with a fresh mind. Either take a nap or rest for a whole day before proofreading your composition. This habit will profit in a way that you will personally feel to change numerous parts.

Professional academic authors are helpful in every mean. If still you are confused or doubting upon your own efforts, don’t hesitate. Contact our team. We happily assist you in the best way. Thus, guide you to accomplish your dreams.