Understand Different Types of Essay To Write Right Essay

An essay is usually paperwork in which writers share their information and experience to the readers. Often different students are seen writing the essay as a part of their academic course. There are over a dozen types of essay, so it’s quite easy to get confused.

Writers look forward to the UK essay writing services because they are concerned about their grade. Five most written types of essay are:

  1. Reflective
  2. Narrative
  3. Descriptive
  4. Expository
  5. Imaginative

Difference between them is based on the central idea of the essay, or we can say that the author’s goal. The vary classification is useful; for example, a narrative essay may contain a good deal of explanation and essays of all classes should be more or less reflective. However, the original meaning of the term essay is the composition of a writer’s view or information on the topic.

1- Reflective Essay

To reflect means to think seriously. It requires an imaginative flight to deal with the topic. So, the reflective essay consists of reflection or thoughts on any particular topic, which is generally on an abstract nature. In treating the themes of a reflective essay, you should try to explain the importance or advantages of possessing good habits & qualities and the risk & disadvantages of lacking them.

You are not supposed to give some quotes or references in support of your statement. In addition, you may discuss the significance of social institutions. Provide the reason and support your statement with arguments and facts.

2- Narrative Essay

Narrative essays have a narration of some event or the series of events. In other words, in this kind of essay, a composer tells what they have experienced. It is more like a story-telling. Narrative essays may belong to the historical stories, famous or personal biographies, or an accident of natural disasters, etc.

Keep in mind that this writing piece must be elaborated enough that a reader could easily understand the situation along with the background and surrounding. If a reader could able to live in the written document, it is considered as one of the best scripts.

3- Descriptive Essay

Other types of essay are a descriptive essay in which the author tries to provide an explanation of a particular place or thing. To compose such kind of document, an individual needs observatory skills. The strong ability to notice the details will help to brief the whole story very well. Despite the fact that approximately 30-38 per cent of people possess such powerful observation. However, 8-12 per cent folks try to focus and notice as many details as they can.

4- Expository Essay

In an expository essay, you have to give explanations regarding some subject. The aim in such piece is to brief the view of another person, also the period, or the event. This type of essay objectively provides information to the reader. Expository essays are based upon the facts or the things that happened in real life and not upon personal feelings. There are other key points to take care while writing an essay. Those were definitely extracted from the instruction of the teacher.

5- Imaginative Essay

Imaginative essay is a short story. Students use their imagination power to produce this composition. The real fact is that it is a concern with something unreal. These types of essay are useful to improve their writing skills. Moreover, students can enhance their observation and imagination, as well. It may be about:

  • Anything from the fantasy world
  • The assumption in a historical event
  • Imaginary story
  • Etc

When writers die they become books,
which is, after all not too bad an incarnation.”
(Jorge Luis Borges)